torsdag 31. juli 2008

This is one of my favorites songs of Devendra.
As you may not know, Devendra Banhart is probably my all-time favorite musician. I've adored him for years now, and finally, last year at the Way out West-festival in Gothenburg, Sweden - I got to see him. It was so so amazing. That concert was probably my favorite one ever. And I've been to a lot. He's just so fascinating and amazing. I hope to see him again. Maybe when I move to Florida this year? :-)

Which concert is your most memorable?

søndag 27. juli 2008

Sorry for not updating in over a week. I haven't been feeling well.

Anyway, not much has happend, but! I am going to London in about two weeks. Yes, again. My mom wanted to go, and I didnt want to say no..really. Who would? London is lovely. I love love love it there, and I never get tired of visiting that fantastic city.

If you have any tips about London, tell me please. I'm dying to know:-)

Above you can see some of the stuff I'd like to get in London. The Items are from Topshop and Urban Outfitters. My favorite stores!

lørdag 19. juli 2008

Yes, I'm back! Finally. Don't get me wrong, it was a nice trip, but I'm so so so tired and I've missed home a lot lately. Tunisia was so different from what I'm used to. I guess it was too much for me. But I guess it was a goodie good vacation!
I've put up some photos, but I'm too tired to write more now. Hope you like the photos though. :-)
Have a nice weekend, and I'll write more as soon as possible.

lørdag 12. juli 2008

Happy birthday to me! It's the 12th of July, and yours truly is 19 years old. I've had so much fun tonight. My bestfriend Charlotte made yuuummy food, and an awesome birthday card. I also got really nice gifts, but they were too big to fit on my bycycle..I'm getting them later! So yeah, we watched "Pretty in pink", which sucked. But we also watched Charlotte's supercool DVD of "Eurovision Junior"..or as we say in Norwegian; "Melodi Grand Prix Junior". We're so cool.
Yep, so I pretty much enjoyed myself.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to Tunisia with my family, so there won't be any posts from me in at least a week, but don't forget about me! I'll be back! With photos, and stuff...

So, have an awesome summer people! And I'll see you all later!


torsdag 10. juli 2008

Me and my bestfriend are celebrating my birthday tomorrow. And we were thinking like crazy of a theme. We like themeparties, even though we're only two. It's still fun.

We decided to have 80's theme. SO original, I know! But it's so darn easy to find stuff to wear! And movies of course. I was thinking of watching 16 Candles or The Breakfast Club. Very original. Very! But if you have any ideas, I'd be really happy to hear them! And if you have any ideas of what I can wear, you could write a little comment, alrighty? :-) I think my friend needs a little help as well. She always shows up wearing boring clothes. No offence, Charlotte. I still love you. :-)

Oh, and tomorrow will probably be my last post in a while. Since it's my birthday on Saturday and I'm leaving for Tunisia quite early the same day. But I'll try to post some pictures from the "party".

onsdag 9. juli 2008

I got the job!!! I am so excited. She's gonna call me again tomorrow, because I have to fax some stuff to her and yeah. So I think I may be leaving in September, not August. Oh well, I don't mind! I'm going to work at Disney World! Go Luna!

Have you ever been to Disney World?
I found this picture at postsecret and I loved it.

Today is the day my interview with Disney is. They're gonna call me 9pm. tonight, but the time is about 3pm in Florida then. I don't really know if I'm nervous..I think I'm more excited. And I just want to get it done, now! I hate waiting like this. Especially since I probably will know if I get the job or not, TODAY. Oh my, cross all the fingers and toes you've got! Please.

mandag 7. juli 2008

1. Playsuit from FredFlare/
2. The Shins t-shirt from Ebay
3. Backpack from Burger and Friends
4. Panda Boardie from Urban Outfitters/Ebay
5. Junkfood t-shirt from Ebay

Yes, I've been online-shopping again! And the items above are the ones I'm waiting for right now. And I really hope I'll receive them before I leave on Saturday. Especially the Panda Boardie..It's just too cute. But I want all the others as well. Haha. As you can tell, I'm really into cute things at the moment. Well, I'm always into cute things..I just can't help it. They're so cute..

Anyway, I hope you like the new header. I didn't make it, I got some help instead. It's cool, right? :-)

lørdag 5. juli 2008

My parents and I took a little trip up to our family place in the mountains today. The weather was really hot, and a little sunny. But it started to rain in the evening. I took some pictures, but my battery was low, so I couldn't take that many. It was a nice day all in all.

Now, considering my job/school dilemma. I decided to work at Disney World. Well, it's not too sure yet, since I haven't exactly got the job yet. I'm having a phone interview on Wednesday, and I'm a bit nervous about it. But I think I will do just fine! I really hope I get the job. Wish me good luck! :-)

fredag 4. juli 2008

I said I would answer your questions today, so I will. :-)

Q: What camera do you use and how do you take such great photos?
A: I use a Nikon d70s, and I don't know exactly if they're good or not, but I edit them a little in Photoshop. Maybe that's why they look like they do. Maybe..haha.

Q: Whats a fav play list on your computer or ipod?
A: Erm, I usually play some songs over and over again on my iPod, and the songs I usually listen to is: Tricky - Hell is around the corner, The Shins - Phantom Limb, The Kooks - Gap, Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit, The Shins - Caring is creepy, Donovan - Season of the witch, The Velvet Underground - Venus in furs, Ladytron - Playgirl, Audioslave- Cochise, Donovan - Happiness Runs and lots of others I don't remember at the moment..

Q: What is your favorite color?
A: Tough one! I love them all. But at the moment I'm into pink..or "coral". But I also like green..and violet.

Q: Använder du Photoshop när du gör dina headers? / Do you use Photoshop when you make your headers?
A: Yes :-)

Q: What type of dog is she?
A: My dog is a mix breed. Japanese Spitz and Lhasa Apso.

Q: Which countries have you visited?
A: Portugal, United Kingdom (Scotland as well yay), Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, Finland, USA, France. And I'm going to Tunisia next Saturday :-)

Q: What is your "go to" outfit? Dress? Shorts? Heels/flats? etc.
A: Hmm...I never wear heels. Mostly because I look like Goofy in them. ( I don't know how to walk in them..) So I wear flats. And a cute dress. I love dresses! But also shorts..

Thanks for all your questions. :-) A new post will come later today.

onsdag 2. juli 2008

I have a lot on my mind these days. You see, I was supposed to (maybe) work at Disney World in Orlando this year, but I've also been thinking of going to language-school in Miami as well. And I don't have to work my butt off there.. And I won't make a lot of money at Disney World either. But at the language-school I'll actually learn things. But then again, it's freakin' expensive. I'll let my parents decide, I suppose.

In the meantime..I'll just relax with my precious furball in good ol' Norway.

What do you think seems most exciting? Working like a maniac at Disney? Or being cool and chillaxin' at Miami Beach learning English?

tirsdag 1. juli 2008

I love this song, and wanted to share it with you.