mandag 30. juni 2008

I took some pictures today. You can even see my beloved dog, Luella. She's the cutest.

So, I haven't received a lot of questions. But you can still ask me. I'll answer them all on this Friday.

Also, I got an idea earlier. Since a lot of you are asking me about my header and stuff, I decided that I want to start make headers for those who want one. So if you're interested, just send an e-mail to:, with info about it (colors, text, pictures) and I'll see what I can do! ( It's free, of course. )

Hope to hear from you. :-) And don't forget about those questions!

lørdag 28. juni 2008

My braindead slash happy-face.

Anyway, hope you like the new header. It's not staying for that long though.

I don't have much time to write this post, but I just wanted to do as many others have before me. Question-time! Please ask me questions about anything. Anything anything anything. But if there's only about 3 questions, I'm gonna forget about it. But give it a try, ok? :-) So, go ahead. Ask me!

Tonight I'm going to the Cinema with a friend that I haven't seen for a while. We're seeing Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I hope it's funny.

So, I'm off now! Have a nice weekend.

tirsdag 24. juni 2008

I love my lamp.

I still haven't changed my blog like I said I would. Oh well, I'll probably do it soon. I'm a little bit slow, that's all. :-)

I have been experimenting with my camera lately and I still am. It's really fun, and I've never even tried to figure out how to do different things with it before..and I've had my camera for ages. I'm lazy!

Now,I'm going outside and look for pretty things to take pictures of.

See you later people!

lørdag 21. juni 2008

I'll be right back, I think. I need new ideas and inspiration. I will continue blogging in English, but also in Norwegian, maybe. But keep coming back, okay? :-)

torsdag 19. juni 2008

I love Donovan, and his music always gives me a good feeling. Especially in the summer.

It's raining like crazy today, but it's not that bad. It's kind of nice, sitting inside and listening to the sound. But it shouldn't rain for more than two or three days..then it gets boring.
What do you like to do when it's raining?

I've been thinking of changing my blog completely. New address and all. And maybe start writing in Norwegian.

What do you think?

onsdag 18. juni 2008

Hurry up July 12!

On the 12th of July, I will turn 19 years old. Wow, time flies by! This is sort of my last year as a "teenager". Yikes!

My dad and mom decided to go on a nice vacation this year. Well, my dad wanted to the most. And we all decided to go to Tunisia. I have never been there before, so I don't know what to expect really. Have you ever been there before? Give me tips if you have, thanks!

Anyway, I don't really have a wishlist for my birthday. But I tried my best to find some things that I want. It wasn't that hard! :-)

I want this to do my makeup in front of

I need this to know what time it is

I want to make cupcakes!

I want this tray to put the cupcakes on when I have visitors

I want these on my wall

Well, that's about it! I love birthdays though. And I hope this one will be great. Since I'm leaving for Tunisia on that exact day. How exciting!

tirsdag 17. juni 2008

Well hello there! Ok, my Mac is still broken, but my dad saved me with his PC. Oh lordy lord, how nice of him.

So, here is some of my London-pictures!

I'll update more later. :-)

søndag 8. juni 2008

As you know, I've been to London now and it was wonderful. I didn't buy a lot, but I loved it anyway. Here is some of the stuff that I got..

I love my purse!
And I'm gonna post more pictures later tonight. :-)

torsdag 5. juni 2008

I'm leaving in a few hours, and I should pack the rest of my stuff soon. I'm always late..
Oh well, I'm excited! And a little sunburned as well, but who cares! I'm going to London!
Have a nice weekend everyone, and I'll bring back photo's. :-)


onsdag 4. juni 2008

I woke up early this morning and ate breakfast, and decided to put my new dress on. And I wanted to show my new "suit-case". It white and round, and I love it!

tirsdag 3. juni 2008

Guess where I'm going on Thursday? I know it's a tough one.. 

Alright, it's London.  It's just gonna be a short trip, but who cares. London is fantastic! And if you have any tips or suggestions about the fabulous city, please tell me. I'll give you cyber chocolate and lots of it. 

I've been to London about..8 or 9 times already, but I always go to the same places. But not this time! I hope. 

Anyway, I'm going to bring my camera and take lots and lots of pictures! And I'll put some of them up here when I'm back home again. :-)

søndag 1. juni 2008

Electrowelt 08

This weekend was so so so much fun! What did YOU do?