mandag 30. juni 2008

I took some pictures today. You can even see my beloved dog, Luella. She's the cutest.

So, I haven't received a lot of questions. But you can still ask me. I'll answer them all on this Friday.

Also, I got an idea earlier. Since a lot of you are asking me about my header and stuff, I decided that I want to start make headers for those who want one. So if you're interested, just send an e-mail to:, with info about it (colors, text, pictures) and I'll see what I can do! ( It's free, of course. )

Hope to hear from you. :-) And don't forget about those questions!

56 kommentarer:

cornelia sa...

svar: tack för kommentaren! :) fin blogg btw!

carrie / wishwishwish sa...

aw, they are lovely picture. and what a sweet dog!

Belle sa...

Kjempe fine bilder:)

Times of Glory sa...

You look very sweet in the picture and the pictures are really great!

P.S. your dog is super duper cute xx

Sugar Pop sa...

your dog is so cute!!! tee hee, so fluffy :)

i love the sunglasses too

hmm...i don't know what I could ask you, I just found your blog today! but I'm lookign forward to the question + answer post!

Annabel sa...

wow! I am such a sucker for dogs and fashion, even though my puppy destroys most of my shoes. what type of dog is she? she looks a bit like mine

Annabel sa...

thanks for commenting back! I only discovered fotc yesterday sadly :( I think i'll have to buy all the dvds because the season will finish soon here.

Sharon Rose sa...

Your dog is absolutely gorgeous, beyond cute-aaah!!

Frickys sa...

Thank you for stopping by my blog!

I'm officially in love with your sunglasses - wish i could pull them off.

I am curious which countries have you visited?

coco sa...

I am actually in love with your dog! So cute!!!!


Such a lovely Luella :-) Thanks for passing by!

teenvoguette08 sa...

aww cute photos. and an adorable little dog too.

Kira Fashion sa...

i really enjoy your great photos, so criative!!

a kiss!!

The Clothes Horse sa...

Cute dog!


god i engelsk ass:D

HeyBigTrender sa...

your dog's adorable!!! and thank you for the lovely comment:)

Dana (pron. like Donna) sa...

can't think of a question...
umm ok - what is your "go to" outfit? Dress? Shorts? Heels/flats? etc.
When you're not feeling creative...
Also ,your header is cool but the sunglasses and dog have my heart

kitty kate sa...

that dog is adorable!

Regine sa...

Takk :))

Å så kule bilder - elsker solbrillene dine!!

alluretone sa...

what a sweet header! nice pictures as well.

She's Dressing Up sa...

I love your sunglasses!

Wendy sa...

Wow, those sunglasses are super cool.

emily sa...

omigosh, your dog is amazingly cute!

maia sa...

jeg får bare lyst til å klemme deg og hunden din ihjel.

Sam sa...

your dog is really cute! and i love the pictures.
would you like to trade links?

Kristine sa...

Takk for kommentar!
Likte headeren din... Ha en god sommer :)

N/OutofFashion sa...


Ash1314 sa...

cute glasses! Im obsessed with sunglasses.....have so many pairs but always end up wearing the same ones- wayfarers...:s

Elin sa...

fina bilder :>

Taghrid sa...

love your glasses!!

Janneke sa...

Your dog is the cutest I have ever seen! Nice pictures!

nv sa...

OMG your dog is so adorable! and I like the top you're wearing, very nice

Krystal sa...

Love the outfit!!


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