lørdag 31. mai 2008

La La La

Man, I love summer. Even though it's extremely hot and it gets exhausting after a while..But hey, I don't want to complain. 

Tonight I'm having a friend over, and we're gonna make some food and drinks. It's gonna be fun!

tirsdag 27. mai 2008

Hello wishlist

Here's some stuff that I'd really like to be mine. Some of it I can't get because they don't ship to Norway..So that pretty much blows. If you want to help me out with that bit, I'd love you forever and ever.

Beatles t-shirt from Virgin Megastore
Batgirl t-shirt from Topshop
Owl and Strawberry Sandals from Urban Outfitters
Skirts from Topshop
Bobby's World t-shirt from 80stees.com
Freaks and Geeks Season 1 DVD
Skins Season 1&2 DVD
Flight of the Conchords Season 1 DVD

tirsdag 20. mai 2008

I'm boring

I decided to make a post without any photographs taken by me. Wow, I know. Shocking.

Today may be the day that I actually get the film I need for my Diana Camera. Oh, how amazing that would be. I'm really excited about it, so I hope I won't get disappointed. Do you have any experience with it? Please share.

Yesterday I got an e-mail from a job that I ap
plied to. Holy cow, I actually got an job interview! That's my first. Because the job that I already I have, I got it because my parents sort of know the boss. But this time I got an interview because of what IIIIII wrote. So that's pretty cool. I'm so nervous about it..I have never been to anything like that before. If you have any advice, I'd be thrilled to hear them!

So here's some of my summerplans..

I'm going to work at the Hovefestival in June. Mainly because I don't want to pay for it. Of course.. And there is so many bands that I want to see! 
The Kooks, M.I.A, Goldfrapp, Santogold, Babyshambles..yeah, the list goes on and on.

Oh, and..I have a friend in France that I've never ever met, but we've been writing for..forever. And she has invited me to Lyon this summer. I've seen so many photos of her and her houseES. My goodness, they have summerhouses in all of France..well, it seems like it. I'm quite nervous about it, because I'm afraid her family is too posh for little me.. haha. But I decided to just go for it! I mean, why not? I'll be 19 this summer, so I'm not a young girl anymore. Besides..she has bought tickets for us to see CocoRosie and Moriarty. Wow. And a band called Coming Soon, which I actually haven't heard of before. I'm excited about it th
ough. I bet it will be amazing.

What are you doing this summer?

I remember last summer.. Me and my friend saw Patrick Wolf and Mika at the Somerset House in London. THAT was fun!

Photo credit: Caitlin Shearer

søndag 18. mai 2008

In about..ten minutes I'm going to Oslo with my beloved mother. We're going to See Robert Plant and Alison Krauss in concert. How exciting!

lørdag 17. mai 2008

Happy birthday

I had a lovely day with my parents at my grandmother's house. Her house is so adorable. And she had baked a delicious cake and other goodies. Hipp hipp hurra!

Hope you had an amazing day, no matter where in the world you live. : )

fredag 16. mai 2008

Picture time!

As you can see I'm wearing my Luella shirt in two of the pictures. And a new dress that I received today.

That's all.

torsdag 15. mai 2008

It came three days ago, and that was super fast. I waited a while before I opened it because it looked so lovely. I'm gonna show you the shirt later, I'm just a little lazy today. I've slept more the last three days than I have for the last three months. I don't really like it. Ugh.

Oh, and on Saturday it's the 17th of May. And in case you're not Norwegian..it's the Norwegian Constitution Day. Norway's National day. I like that day. I didn't celebrate it last year because I came home from Glasgow from a Mika concert exactly that day. Haha.
So, me and my parents are gonna celebrate it at my grandmothers place. I decided that, because we've never done that before, and I don't see her that often. And I'm gonna wear my "Bunad". I know that means a lot to her, even though I can't stand wearing it because it's so..suffocating and big..and..yeah. I like making my grandmother happy though, so that's the least I could do. I'm gonna show you photos of it after, if I don't look like a retard as I usually do. :-)

Boring post, I know..but whatcha gonna do..

mandag 12. mai 2008

I sing I swim

I had a fantastic weekend.

Psst. Here's a beautiful song. No official video yet, though..

fredag 9. mai 2008

My name is Luna and I'm addicted to online shopping...

Today I bought the bat-man shirt from Luella, and I'm so exited about it. Since I got the last one in the smallest size. It's probably gonna be a little big, but I don't mind. And below you can see the shirt + a dress + a skirt that I'm waiting for at the moment. Yay!

I should control myself, really. Oh, and I'm thinking of starting a store on e-bay. Since I've got so many things that I never use. A bunch of vintage stuff, so I'll let you know more about it if you're interested.

torsdag 8. mai 2008

Oh Diana

So, I haven't posted anything lately, mainly because I've been feeling a little tired and all. It was my first day at work yesterday, and it was horrible. I doubt that I will continue. I can't stand rude and angry people all day. 

Enough about that! I received my Diana camera last week, but silly me ordered the wrong film. So I haven't tried it yet. My dad had to order new ones..haha. But I'm excited about finally getting to try it out. Hope it won't take that long. 

Right now I wish I just could go outside and enjoy the weather, but I have a killer headache because of yesterday. Poor me.

søndag 4. mai 2008

Me and Charlotte are the coolest.

lørdag 3. mai 2008

Today was a nice day. Me and my parents were out with our new dog, Luella. We got her two days ago, and she's the cutest dog in the whole world. I swear. :)

I took some photos. A lot actually, but here is some of them.

I hope the sun is shining, wherever you are.

Here comes the roly poly man and he's singing songs of love

torsdag 1. mai 2008

In bloom

Hello, I'm Luna and this is my blog.

Finally, spring is here. It's the first day in May, and the sun should be shining. If it's not, it will very soon. I hope.

I'm not sure what kind of blog this is yet. I don't really want to stick to just one subject. I like many different things, so I'll write about whatever I feel like. Oh, and I like posting photos. 

Hope you like this one. And enjoy this amazing season.