fredag 15. august 2008

I'm back from London! And as usual I'm not feeling well. I'm rather ill actually. But I'll survive!
London was great, and I bought some really cool stuff, which I will show you all later. I just wanted to have a question-thingy again. So you guys can ask me whatever you want!
And maybe I'll give out a prize to one of you. Who knows ;-)

So, ask me whatever you want!

22 kommentarer:

ooohmaureen sa...

thank you very much, i like your photo. x :)

Heybigtrender sa...

I hate being sick! maybe this an award will make you feel better?

Nette sa...

Blir du lest av mange utenlandske, siden du blogger på engelsk? :)

belle.chantelle sa...

If you could do any trick to wow people at parties, what would it be?

yiqin; sa...

Ah I need to take b&w photos. You look so pretty :)

Kira Fashion sa...

you are really beautiful and i do love your jacket!

who is your fashion icon?

a kiss

rohit sa...


you are fantastic!!!

really nice blog
fabulous fantastic

soilikethelike sa...

i can't wait to see what you got!
i don't have anything to ask you though
by the way you look so pretty! love the photo.

maia sa...

så fin header, IGJEN! ah vil se londonbilder.
spm: hva vil du bli?

Fashionistadiary sa...

hope you feel better soon! xo

B sa...

Welcome back!

hege anita sa...

søt header!

Anonym sa...
Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av en bloggadministrator.
Hippie, hippie - milkshake sa...

gikk du amok på top shop? he he..
takk for kommentar på siden min Luna:)

Luna sa...


Nette sa...

Takk søtaselv<3

F sa...

I like favourite questions and I hope you do too, cause here are mine:

Whats your favourite cake?
Favourite song right now?
Favourite memory from childhood?
Favourite sound?

Thank you for an amazing blog, hope you feel better soon

♥ fashion chalet sa...

Thanks for the comment, I love your name. So pretty. xx

Anonym sa...

What is your favorite place in London?

Anonym sa...

Hi :) I read in a magazine that you lived in Stavern, so do I. I just had to say it, I just wonder how you make your own header?



Hi from Paris swet Luna,

I hope i will have great time and lot of fun for the coming london fashion week.

thank you very much for your kind words in my Paris street style blog.
All what I want is to humanize fashion by showing that real life is more beautiful than the artificial fashion shows and that real people are more beautiful and generous than anorexic top models.
And the stylish girl you are prove it.

Your visits, your comments, your links on your blogs and your buzz are my best salary.
I’ll do my best to please you again and again.
keep on being a delight for your readers, friends and family.
Cheers from Paris


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