torsdag 15. januar 2009


Oh wow, here's an update from moi! I am really sorry for not updating at all. But I haven't got that much to tell you really..let's see..

Paris was awesome, as I said. I HAVE pictures, but my camera is acting funny..I have to fix it soon. We went to the Social Club, which was cool. Montmartre, shopping, falafals, wine, a party at a really awesome house with some French people, a strange guy photographing me at the subway, macaroons, a lot a lot of walking, tequila, vintage shopping, high school musical 3 at Champes-Èlyseès, oh it was lovely. I'm going back!

I got a boyfriend in December.

I went to London, with my mother. It was fantastic, as always! I've never done so much shopping there I even bought two pair of shoes..and I never buy shoes. I'm a strange girl, I know. I'm more into dresses and handbags. We stayed at the Hilton Hotel by London Bridge, which I really recommend. Best hotel I've stayed at in London, I think.

I celebrated Christmas! With 14 members of my family, and others. It was lovely. And I even got my precious Hunter boots. A lot of make-up, a lovely pair of shoes (these in black), and much more.

I celebrated New Year, loved it.

That's all I remember right now, really. The most important things..Oh, and I've got two tickets for The Prodigy concert in Norway. Lucky me! It's in Feburary and I'm really looking forward to it.

Hope you're all doing well.

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Madimoiselle sa...

Likte headern din kjempe godt! :)

Christina sa...

Ooooi, når og hvor har Prodigy konsert? :O

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