lørdag 5. juli 2008

My parents and I took a little trip up to our family place in the mountains today. The weather was really hot, and a little sunny. But it started to rain in the evening. I took some pictures, but my battery was low, so I couldn't take that many. It was a nice day all in all.

Now, considering my job/school dilemma. I decided to work at Disney World. Well, it's not too sure yet, since I haven't exactly got the job yet. I'm having a phone interview on Wednesday, and I'm a bit nervous about it. But I think I will do just fine! I really hope I get the job. Wish me good luck! :-)

24 kommentarer:

Allure sa...

Good luck with the job interview ;)

Heidi sa...

Good luck!
Thankyou for linkng with me :) I want your minnie mouse shirt x

Nette sa...

Åååh masse lykke til! Og herlige bilder ^^

Victoria-H sa...

Nice shadows.

Ida sa...

utrooolig fine bilder!
takk for kommentar på min blogg, har allerede lagt din blogg til på favoritter nå. :)

Lana sa...

Good luck!
And lovely photo's!

Kira Fashion sa...

really cute house and shots :)

a kiss!!

Elin sa...

lycka till :)

HeyBigTrender sa...

ahh! my love for your blog was confirmed after I saw your fabulour banner and even more assured when I saw more of your photography!great work, keep it up!

teenvoguette sa...

cute photos! love the new header its adorable. i noticed it said DK designs in the corner, j/w whos that?and good luck w/ the interview im sure u'll do great!

cotton candy sa...

i love the photos that you take. and i especially love your header.

sara sa...

like your mimmipig-shirt!


Thanks, sweetie. I love your blog. Great tank, here. :)


you'll be successful because i can feel in you a sweet and humble person.
that is the most important

i mus return your compliment : i love the quality of your photos and you are a real character

i'll be glad to switch links above all because i won't forget you when i will announce the great events i am gonn launch soon
i'll be glad if you ad me like that : STYLE AND THE CITY - PARIS

let's keep in touch because your talent will be soon rewarded

cheers from Paris

ps : tonight, i post another best of


Helen sa...

beaitiful photos! :)

soilikethelike sa...

i am favorite-ing your blog, because its amazing.
your outfit makes me simply..happy.

hjartesmil sa...

Du er fin.

gallon.blogg.se sa...

great pics!

NicoNice sa...

kool pics

Silje sa...

hvilket kamera har du? det MÅ jeg ha :o omg omg omg.. nice

Emilie sa...

mmhm, bildene.

Anonym sa...


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