torsdag 1. mai 2008

In bloom

Hello, I'm Luna and this is my blog.

Finally, spring is here. It's the first day in May, and the sun should be shining. If it's not, it will very soon. I hope.

I'm not sure what kind of blog this is yet. I don't really want to stick to just one subject. I like many different things, so I'll write about whatever I feel like. Oh, and I like posting photos. 

Hope you like this one. And enjoy this amazing season.

9 kommentarer:

Fleurette sa...

Oh, I guess you're that girl who added me on myspace? Well, thanks for the add :) And I love your glasses! And I think I'd love your blog too because I love Norwegian bloggers who blog in English.

Luna sa...

Yes, that's me. Your new stalker. And this is kind of strange..two girls from the land of Hotel Cæsar and Mot i Brøstet writing to each other in english. What's happening to the youth of Norway? It's amazing.

Oh, and no problem. You're awesome :)

Fleurette sa...

Haha, right. I think English is a fascinating language. Like, I LOVE when youths in Norway speaks English, esp the IB-students. Oh, I wish I were one of them. It feels like you're "cooler" or more "intellectual" than people when speak English in Norway, even though you're Norwegian. Sometimes I do stalk English speakers so I can listen to the beautiful words that pour out from their mouths. haha. I'm weird!

And let me ask you why you'd like to be YOUNGER?

Blomsterplukker, vinterbarn. sa...

Åååhhh.... *smelte*

Jeg har stor kjærlighet til blomster! Takk for bildet! :)

Kira Fashion sa...

Hello dear!

nice you are back!
i visited you in your old site, but it was out...
i am so happy to see you again!
please, don´t give up, you are so cool!!!

a kiss and a hug,
see you everyday ok?


Superliciouz sa...

Så utrolig fint bilde :)

Luna sa...

I want to be younger because I don't like responsibility. I should grow up soon. :P

julie aida sa...

jeg elsker det bildet <3<3<3<3

link meg a barska ;););)))

Matze sa...

wow this is a very nice blog, i love it. :) your photos are great. :)
greetings from Germany